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Auriel Spotlight showcases long-awaited Support on directorygames


The Heroes scene hasn’t been all that kind to support cast as of late, but Auriel looks to bring something new to the discussion.

With the last support Hero release being Lt. Morales all the way back to last year, an addition to the support pool has been long overdue. Enter Auriel, a support from the Diablo universe that looks to have an interesting balance of offense and defence in her kit.

Auriel’s abilities were already known from her teaser, but the hero spotlight is a more in-depth demonstration of her abilities.

For those who really want to try Auriel out and can’t wait for her release date, she is now up on the PTR.

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Will Auriel’s play style convince more people to play support?


Thank you for voting!


Thank you for voting!

August 2, 2016 |

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