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directorygames – [Community Spotlight] Hammeh dives into the life of Widowmaker


YouTuber Hammeh releases frequent videos based on the lore of Overwatch. Today, he focused on the interesting history of Widowmaker.

We are always happy to highlight interesting content creators on YouTube or Twitch. Some focus on showing off interesting plays, others focus on all sorts of analysis, and then theres the big fans of lore. Hammeh is one of that last group, and goes through great effort to compile information from all the different available sources (in-game voicelines/comics/animated shorts).

In the above video, Hammeh has gone through the Overwatch universe with a fine tooth comb to recover every last sliver of information about Widowmaker. Watching the video, you will learn the answers to questions such as:

  • Why is her skin blue?
  • What is her real name?
  • How did her parents die?
  • What else has happened between Ana and Widowmaker, besides you know… the headshot?

We hope you will enjoy the video as much as we have, and it will make you appreciate any in-game references even more!

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow @GosuOverwatch.


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August 9, 2016 |

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