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directorygames | Dates Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIV NA Server Transfers


Plans for Final Fantasy XIV NA server transfers have been discussed previously, but today the devs have confirmed dates for when those transfers will happen. The move to more modern facilities will help to bring a variety of new features to the MMO across all regions as well as attempt to improve game stability for NA players.

directorygames | Dates Confirmed for Final Fantasy XIV NA Server Transfers

In a forum post made shortly after the announcement at PAX East, producer Naoki Yoshida explained that the move to a new physical location would aid in bringing several features to Final Fantasy XIV. Increased inventory capacity, cross-server party matching, cross-server friend lists, and increased size for new areas will soon be possible.

As a result of the physical relocation, the NA data centers of Aether and Primal will see downtime on Monday, May 15th until Wednesday, May 17th. In addition, European and Japanese data centers will be down for 24 hours on Tuesday, May 16th in order to transfer all existing data.

As recompense for the inconvenience, the devs will be offering a full free day of subscription time to all active accounts. The extra day applies to everyone who has an active subscription or an active seven-day trial from the Callback Campaign while the relocation happens. More details can be found on the official site.

Our Thoughts

A couple of days of downtime is a small price to pay for features that many Final Fantasy XIV players are hungry for. We’re glad to see that this MMORPG is doing well enough to invest in a new physical building to make it even bigger and better in the months and (hopefully) years to come.

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