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directorygames – Decklist spotlight: All decks from HCT Last Call Europe


directorygames - Decklist spotlight: All decks from HCT Last Call Europe

Check out what HCT’s most conistent players are bringing to the Last Call Invitational in Europe.

On Saturday, October 8, the Last Call for Europe will being. The eight players who’ve been the most consistent throughout the year and gathered the most points are flying to either the Netherlands or Ukraine to compete for the last Blizzcon spot available to the region.

The tournament is also among the first majors with the recent nerfs in affect, but the effects have been minor. Druid and Shaman remain the most popular classes, represented in seven and eight line-ups, respectively, with no diversity in the archetypes. A nice change of pace is Rogue being a close third, beating the previously dominant Warrior and Warlock.

All decks and archetype breakdowns are available below. Full HCT coverage is available in our event coverage hub.

Druid: 7/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 7 Malygos

Hunter: 5/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 3 Midrange, 2 Secrets

Mage: 4/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 3 Freeze, 1 Tempo

Paladin: 1/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 1 Anyfin

Priest: 0/8 line-ups

Rogue: 6/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 4 Miracle, 2 Malygos

Shaman: 8/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 8 Midrange

Warlock: 4/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 2 RenoLock, 2 DiscardLock

Warrior: 5/8 line-ups
Archetypes: 3 N’Zoth, 1 C’Thun, 1 Pirates


BunnyHoppor Georgec Hoej Nicslay
Freeze Mage Freeze Mage Malygos Druid Malygos Druid
Malygos Druid Malygos Druid Midrange Shaman Midrange Shaman
Midrange Shaman Midrange Hunter Miracle Rogue Miracle Rogue
NZoth Warrior Midrange Shaman N’Zoth Warrior N’Zoth Hunter
Secret Hunter
Miracle Rogue
N’Zoth RenoLock
N’Zoth Warrior
Pavel Rdu ShtanUdachi Sintolol
C’Thun Warrior DiscardLock Anyfin Paladin DiscardLock
Malygos Druid Malygos Druid RenoLock Freeze Mage
Midrange Shaman Midrange Hunter Malygos Druid Midrange Shaman
Miracle Rogue Miracle Rogue Miracle Rogue Pirate Warrior
Tempo Mage Witchdoctor Shaman Midrange Shaman Secret Hunter


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