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directorygames – Decklist spotlight: Kranich’s Witchdoctor Shaman


Sick of the standard aggro and midrange builds? Try this left-field list from two-times Blizzcon finalist Kranich.

One thing we often used to say for Asian Hearthstone players is that they have their own way of building decks. With time, this has become less true as China, Korea and the smaller regions caught up to the established western meta, but every once in a while we still get to see something cool.

This Shaman list is courtesy of Hak-Jun “Kranich” Baek, former player for team Dignitas and back-to-back qualifier for the world finals. The deck is spell-heavy midrange, focused on exploiting Shaman’s totems rather than playing standard minions. Primal Fusion and the never-seen-otherwise Totemic Might are key buff cards in the game.

The namesake of the deck is Wicked Witchdoctor, a powerful four drop which synergizes beautifully with Shaman’s cheap spells to generate boards out of thin air, which can then be made durable through Totemic Might or heavy-hitting with Thunder Bluff Valiant. Once the board is sufficiently stacked, a Bloodlust carries Thrall to victory.

It’s interesting to note that due to the slower nature of the deck and its obsession with totems, both Tuskarr Totemic and Rockbiter Weapon are still in. At the end of the curve is Hogger as additional token generator to power up Bloodlust.

Check out Kranich’s video on how to play the deck below, and find more decks in our library here.

October 8, 2016 |

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