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Decklist spotlight: Lifecoach’s and J4CKIECHAN’s decks from the SeatStory Cup V grand finals –


If you’re tired of seeing the same old decks in tournaments and on ladder, SSC V is here to say the day. Featuring Frost Giants.

Both Lifecoach and J4CKIECHAN made for an extraordinary end to TakeTV’s latest SeatStory Cup. The footage of the playoffs is worth re-watching – and we suggest you go and do that – but the Decklist Spotlights are a place where we take a look at the very essence of Hearthstone before anything else.

After weeks of stale metagame, we’re finally seeing the silver lining of deckbuilding freshness. It began at DreamHack Valencia where players such as Evangelion and Tars brought N’Zoth Paladin and Crusher Shaman, respectively. Things got even crazier this weekend, as British streamer J4CKIECHAN, well-known for the whacky decks he plays on stream, attended SeatStory Cup V.

The Fade 2 Karma player made it all the way through the finals, running a very off-meta line-up of Token Druid, N’Zoth Paladin, DragonLock and Crusher/Grinder Shaman with Frost Giants. The last part is not a typo – that was an actual deck choice that J4CKIE had made.

Although not as unorthodox, Lifecoach’s set-up of five decks wasn’t what many expected either. His iteration on Token Druid had cast out Yogg-Saron for card’s inconsistency and C’Thun Warrior had made its way in as opposed to the much more popular Dragon Warrior. Lifecoach also ran Camel Hunter – one of J4CKIE’s own signature decks – on top of a regular Miracle and Midrange Shaman to take the win.

Below you can find all ten decks of the grand finalists. We’ve contacted TakeTV to get the decklists of the other top eight players, too.


Midrange Shaman
Token Druid
C’Thun Warrior
Camel Hunter
Miracle Rogue


Yogg Tokens
Tempo Mage
N’Zoth Paladin
Crusher Shaman


Would you rather test J4CKIE’s or Lifecoach’s decks on ladder?


Thank you for voting!


Thank you for voting!

July 26, 2016 |

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