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Decklist spotlight: Xixo’s line-up from WESG Europe on directorygames


The former Na`Vi player has hopped over the group stage challenge and will pursuit a grand finals seed on the weekend.

“My WESG decks, in case any of you had hope the patch changed anything,” wrote Xixo on his Twitter page, announcing the three decks he would be using in Kyiv. His statement would become prophetic as the first batch of matches on Thursday made for a stale and limited metagame, with only six classes played, each with a singular dominant archetype.

With Tuskarr Totemic and Rockbiter Weapon nerfed, everyone turned to Midrange Shaman as the class became the most popular after day one. The list, which Xixo also brought, features the powerful Spirit Claws in the early game and tops the curve with another Shaman staple, Thing from Below. Unlike other lists, Xixo’s also runs a single Bloodlust as alternative finisher and Harrison Jones to counteract weapon classes like Anyfin Paladin, Warrior and Midrange Hunter.

Cool tech choices can be seen in Xixo’s MalyYogg Druid, too. Jungle Moonkin is a card players are experimenting with, enabling stronger Swipes for clearing Shaman boards and just powering up the deck’s spell-heavy playstyle in general. The Curator also makes appearance in the deck, drawing the Moonkin when needed, as well as the great Azure Drakes and, of course, Malygos.

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Xixo’s WESG line-up:

MalyYogg Druid
Midrange Shaman
N’Zoth Warrior


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October 8, 2016 |

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