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directorygames | Dock and Load! – Friday, June 9, 2017



The week flew by, here. The days are busy as we continue to work on features such as crafting, improve performance in things such as buildings, and make the build generally feel more like a game, with more additions of VFX, SFX, and animations on abilities. If you missed today’s livestream, Mark spent a bit of extra time answering questions, so if you’re the curious type, you can catch that stream HERE. For those of you looking for the quick version, continue below with the highlights of the week, and some art below that!


Top Tenish:

1. WIP – Tech – Building improvements: After successful tests last week, Rob has continued to add more metrics to our building code, looking for ways to improve performance. Rob even co-opted a wall-mounted TV in the office, so he can work while he watches performance changes as players interact with buildings. We have been tackling bugs as we find them, and then continuing to push buildings further. Most recently, we increased the maximum block count on plots from 50k max to 200k max. Of course, we will get a lot higher than that as Rob continues to refine the code.


2. WIP – Tech – Siege Engines: Matt has continued to make awesome progress on siege engines. We’re very close to in-office testing, which is our last gate before opening this up to our Backers for testing. Players are able to make a siege ability in the ability builder, place a siege engine from their inventory, click to interact, and shoot ammo. This is still a very early implementation using archery mechanics, and requires some slash commands, but it’s a big step forward!


3. WIP – Tech – Player damage improvements: When we get new engineers on the team, we like to throw them at some existing bugs so they can dig into the underlying systems to learn how they work. We did that over the last couple of weeks in code related to the wound and trauma systems to fix several long-standing bugs. I wonder who is working on this?

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