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GW2 Eternal Coliseum PvP Map Trailer and Details on directorygames


Arenanet has released a trailer and some info regarding the new PvP map Eternal Coliseum coming Sept 20.


Information from the developers on this map

  • Standard 3 point capture map with 2 artifacts on the side of the map.
  • Offensive Artifact – Give your team 20% damage (both physical and condi). Wielder of the artifact summons a reaper that automatically stomp any downed enemy players unless they get rallied first.
  • Defensive Artifact is called Shield of Life, give entire team 5000 HP and 100 Toughness. Wielder of the Artifact get 1 free rez when they go down.
  • PvP is about capturing that glory, and Coliseum adds to that theme.
  • There is a crowd mechanic – crowds will cheer/jeer whenever someone get stomped, rallied, artifact captured etc. Adds a bit more immersion/moral support.
  • They want see player reaction to two side buffs that open at the same time – do you commit 1 player to each, 2 to each? How do you retain map control? No dominant strategy has prevailed in the playtesting.
  • One of the differences between this map and other maps is that secondary objectives like artifacts do not immediately give you team score. While you may be able to get the artifact, you still need to capitalize on that buff with your team before you can make use of it.
  • More open area around the midpoint, will be interesting to see how players maintain line of sight while staying on the points.
  • What really define this map is that the buffs are incredibly strong. They are curious to see what influence it will have on competitive play.
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