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directorygames – Global Battle Royale Mobile Game Knives Out Exceeds 100 Million Registered Users


Since the start of the Open Best Test, the battle royale mobile game Knives Out has been widely praised by gamers, attracting over 100 million registered users and soaring onto the top ten rankings of major overseas game charts. What is even more exciting for gamers is the game's official global launch on December 14, which formally propels Knives Out onto the path towards becoming a global sensation.

The global launch version is a full upgrade from the original Knives Out in terms of content, gaming methods, and game functions. Additional custom outfits are also available for selection. Let's take a look now at what awesome surprises Knives Out is offering mass gamers!

First, Knives Out is launching a new 5-member team mode to expand this survival combat game's tactical options. We will no doubt see amazing scenes unfold on the battlefield as 100 players from 20 teams face off against each other.

Knives Out has also added two-person tandem skydiving, where two players fall out of the sky and join forces. This offers players a more exciting skydiving experience and allows teammates to hone their tactics and improve efficiency.

The game's screen recording function has debuted on the iOS platform, and can be activated in the settings menu. Record game highlights to share with your pals across the globe!

Finally, 8 dazzling costumes have hit the game stores. Players can customize and match different outfits to dress for combat!
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