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Hearthstone Strips “Heroes Of Warcraft” Subtitle on directorygames


Hearthstone Strips "Heroes Of Warcraft" Subtitle on directorygames

In a silent move, Blizzard has stripped the subtitle “Heroes Of Warcraft” from Hearthstone. It’s not the first name Blizzard has parted ways with. Back in September the company announced was being sent to a retirement home. Blizzard seems to be in the midst of rebranding: simplifying their IPs.

To solidify the change Blizzard even asked the admins at r/hearthstone to remove “Heroes of Warcraft” from the subreddit’s banner. Blizzard is swift.

Now before we jump to the idea that other Blizzard titles are going to start showing up in Hearthstone, I think the safer bet is that Blizzard made this move just to simplify their brand. It does open the door to the possibility of non-Warcraft specific cards. But it might be awhile before we see them—if at all.

What do you think of the change? I never even noticed the subtitle until today, so its been pretty inconsequential for me.


November 22, 2016 |

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