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directorygames | Hyper Universe Open Beta Begins In South Korea


directorygames | Hyper Universe Open Beta Begins In South Korea

Following a short Pre-OBT and two days of maintenance, the Hyper Universe Open Beta has officially begun in South Korea. Nexon’s side-scrolling MOBA is launching with a set of three new characters, alternate skins for each character, a revamped website, and more.

The new characters are Brawlers named Hongduk and Mugenhardt and a Technician named Olga. Hongduk is a medium complexity troll-like character that can trap opponents in his jar temporarily. Mugenhardt is a high complexity vampire character that uses blood as a resource, can “reinforce” his abilities for extra effects, and can hide in a coffin temporarily, granting him invulnerability and increased health regeneration in a manner similar to that of Mei’s ice block in Overwatch. Olga is a low complexity soldier character that uses various armaments to damage and stun opponents; her ultimate even summons a helicopter.

The Open Beta update also removes the Dragon’s Nest map, leaving only the 3rd Base map, and improves “operational responsiveness,” which may help with the input delay that is caused by high latency when playing from overseas.

To celebrate the launch of the Open Beta, Nexon is hosting a different kind of launch event. Players are given 30 event coins and are granted one additional event coin per minute spent in-game, credited to their accounts after the game has been closed. They can then use the currency to obtain a decent amount of in-game currency, Nexon cash, pizzas, monitors, and even 32 GB iPhone 7s.

You can find the full set of patch notes for the Open Beta launch update here.

If you are interested in playing Hyper Universe, but have yet to obtain a Nexon Korea account, you can get one by following our guide on how to play Korean MMOs from outside of South Korea. Hyper Universe is not IP blocked, so you will not need a VPN, and it plays well despite a noticeable amount of input delay.


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