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Last Call Qualifier Europe: A viewers guide –


The last spot for Europe into the World Finals will be given out today. Tune in, watch and follow our coverage here.

Where to watch cast by: Frodan, Azumoqt, Raven, Firebat, Sottle, Savjz


Show Dates

Round 1
















Round 2




Round 3


Format + Prize pool: 1x Blizzcon seed


  • Best of 7, Conquest, 1-ban
  • Single Elimination Bracket


Main storylines


Georgec’s third in a row

For Britain’s hot new talent George “Georgec” Connoly this will be the third HCT event in a row and the youngster is getting better and better. After being ousted in the first round in the Spring Championship, Georgec reached all the way to the grand finals of Summer, where’s Artem “DrHippi” Kravets ended his run.

Georgec has been twice denied a Blizzcon spot so far, but he’s given a third chance now, the only player in all four regions to have that. The Brit is starting in the lower half of the bracket as the second seed and is playing Philipp “Nicslay” Hehn who also has a Championship appearance on his account. Luckily for Georgec, the two other major contenders for the win – Radu “Rdu” Dima and Frederik “Hoej” Nielsen are both in the upper half of the bracket, increasing Georgec’s chances of a grand final appearance.


Rdu’s and Hoej’s first and last chances

Despite their decorated pedigree, neither of Rdu and Hoej could qualify for any of the three European championships. The two veterans of the scene have been performing admirably outside the Blizzard circuit, Rdu most notably winning DreamHack Summer and Hoej scoring multiple high place finishes in major playoffs, but as surprising as this might be this will be their first time on an HCT stage.

While the steaks are equally high, playing at the Last Call will be a task of increased pressure for the Romanian. In addition to coming into the tournament as the final HCT points leader, despite missing all championships, Rdu has never played in a major Blizzard tournament for the entirety of his three-year-long career and this is the closest he’s ever been to standing in the spotlight at Hearthstone’s crown event.’s potential trifecta

For the majority of Hearthstone fans,’s Hearthstone roster is composed of Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov and Artem “DrHippi” Kravets, both of whom already qualified for Blizzcon, but there’s a third team-mate of theirs who tends to get forgotten: Raphael “BunnyHoppor” Peltzer.

BunnyHoppor made his first appearance at EU Winter Championship together with his future team-mates and got to the semi finals before Naiman shut him down and go to Blizzcon one more series later. Five months later, BunnyHoppor has amassed enough points to be given a second chance and make Hearthstone history as never in the history of Hearthstone has there been a team with three representatives at the World Finals.

Of course, for all his persistence throughout the year, BunnyHoppor remains an underdog in the company of Rdu, Hoej and Georgec, as well as Russia duo Pavel “Pavel” Beltukov and Alexey “ShtanUdachi” Barsukov, both of whom have been pillars of their community for years.  

Schedule (all times are European time):


14:00 – Rdu vs ShtanUdachi
15:30 – Hoej vs Pavel
17:00 – BunnyHoppor vs Sintolol
18:30 – Georgec vs Nicslay
20:00 – Semi Final #1
21:30 – Semi Final #2
23:00 – Grand Final

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