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May 13: NRG eSports sign Ohq

May 13: Crumbz leaves Renegades, announces free agency

May 12: Loulex to leave Unicorns of Love

May 11: YellOwStaR returns to Fnatic​

May 11: SBENU Sonicboom picks up mid laner Rem, SaSin moves to coach

May 11: CJ Entus sign Haru

May 10: Cloud9 sign Impact; Meteos and BunnyFuFuu to starting roster

May 10: Maxlore, NighT join Giants Gaming​

May 7: Edward joins Vega Squadron


May 1: FORG1VEN to skip 2016 EU LCS Summer Split​

April 29: Report: ROCCAT sign Steeelback

April 26: GodBro, Werlyb and Rudy leave Team Huma​

April 26: Wisdom leaves Giants Gaming

April 25: Tabzz, Noxiak, Edward and fredy122 off Team ROCCAT’s starting roster

April 24: Diamondprox will not return to Unicorns of Love

April 24: Splyce adds Mikyx to LCS roster, Nisbeth to sub​

April 23: Eika considers leaving Elements, cites dissatisfaction with own performance

April 23: Report: FORG1VEN to leave H2K​

April 22: Gambit names saetia head coach of LoL squad

April 21: Inero leaves mousesports


May 10: Report: Nagne joins KaKAO’s team, Wan Yoo, in China

May 10: Punished temporarily joins LGD Gaming as starting mid laner; We1less benched for injury​

May 9: Dade rejoins QG Reapers

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