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Obsidian Entertainment Opens Up About Armored Warfare –


Armored Warfare appears to be the first and last MMO that will come out of Obsidian Entertainment according to a conversation between Eurogamer and CEO Feargus Urquhart. The postmortem offered up some insight on the studio’s decision as well as its future.

Obsidian Entertainment Opens Up About Armored Warfare -

According to Urquhart, development on Armored Warfare provided challenges that were new to the primarily single-player RPG developer. “Large MMOs are really beyond the ability of an independent developer to manage unless that developer gets huge and brings in all the other aspects of the business,” said the CEO. “What is more interesting to us, and to me personally, is focusing on the making of a game. So, the answer here is we love making games, but the challenge with making a large MMO is you can’t [help] but get dragged away from the game-making part.”

Urquhart also confirmed that the split between Obsidian and was an amicable one and that the company is otherwise “doing fine” in spite of reports of layoffs. “We jointly decided that Obsidian would stop working on the game,” explained Urquhart. “They have a great team in Moscow that has been ramping up for almost a year, and there are some people there who have been working closely with us for upwards of three years.”

Our Thoughts

While you can never say never, it does sound a lot like Obsidian Entertainment will no longer be a player in the MMO genre. We would love to see this studio leverage its RPG experience to a more traditional MMORPG, but we also have to respect their decision and reasons for stepping away from MMOs. We wish Obsidian the best of luck in its future projects and look forward to Armored Warfare’s continued development.

Your Thoughts

Do you think Obsidian Entertainment should try their hand at making another MMORPG or do you think they should stick within their wheelhouse? Give us your impressions in the comments.

Source: Eurogamer

February 14, 2017 |

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