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directorygames – Overwatch Planning Three New Maps to Release This Year


A change of venue can often be a good thing, especially if you’re in a competitive FPS and are getting exhausted of seeing the same maps over and over again. Overwatch hears your sighs of boredom, and are working on three new maps that could release sometime this year.

directorygames - Overwatch Planning Three New Maps to Release This Year

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the three maps in question are making great strides in development having passed the initial playtesting phase. While what these maps involve or where they’re located wasn’t divulged, all three are described as “standard” Quick Play/Competitive map types. In addition, the team is working on what was only described by Kaplan as “three non-standard maps” and “a few other experiments”.

Kaplan noted that while the three standard maps are expected to release this year, plans can always change. Still, the devs are working to make more new maps a reality as the game approaches its first anniversary. “Hopefully this will satisfy some of what you’re looking for. We want to play on these maps as badly as you guys do,” wrote Kaplan. “We’ll work as fast as we can!”

Our Thoughts

We never really took stock of the lack of maps before, but the original forum post does bring up a good point. In all honesty, we’ve been more diverted by the in-game special events or the release of new characters. Which does bring up a question; would you prefer to have more maps to play the game on, more roster additions, or more special events for Arcade Mode and holidays?

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April 25, 2017 |

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