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directorygames – Patch 6.6 Rundown: Please Build Damage

by comely on March 23, 2016

Patch 6.6 is prepped and ready to hit the live servers, here are some things to expect:

  • Zz'rot reasonably killable, which is great because watching a support wet noodle slap them for 5 minutes was agonizing.
  • Tamping down supports. Alistar, Janna, Lulu, and maybe if you count her Lux are all facing nerfs. I don't think the changes are absurd but I'm scared even less people will queue support.
  • Kalista big tweaks, make sure to check it out before you play with or as her, she can't save you from as far and has a bunch of attack speed changes.
  • Please build damage–some champions who were building heavy tank and still being crazy damage dealers have had changes including AD ratios to try and get them to build things besides tanky items. We'll see if they need to or not, there is still an awful lot of AD on some of those tank items.


Want more information? Below we've included a rundown on all the changes seperated by champion and items so you can be up to date before heading into games.

directorygames - Patch 6.6 Rundown: Please Build Damage


directorygames - Patch 6.6 Rundown: Please Build Damage

  • Triumphant Roar (E) healing for allies from 50% to 33%.
  directorygames - Patch 6.6 Rundown: Please Build Damage

  • Feast (R) bonus health per stack bumped up a bit.

  • Z-Drive Resonance (Passive) movement speed increased 10% for first 3 ranks, same at max rank.
  • Phase Dive (E) cooldown down a bit at early ranks.

  • Duelist's Dance (Passive) does 2% of their max health instead of 3%, but the bonus ratio starts at it's full value of 4.5% per 100 bonus AD, instead of scaling up to it.
  • Bladwork (E) slow is now flat 30%, lower than the previous first rank, and the bonus range is cut in half.

  • Eye of the Storm (E) the base amount of bonus AD granted is down
  • Monsoon (R) the disable duration is lowered a bit.

  • To the Skies! (Q [hammer form]) flat 40 mana at all ranks instead of scaling up from there, base damage up 10 at all ranks, bonus AD ratio bumped up a bit.

  • Base attack speed and attack speed growth both lowered.
  • Sentinel (W) scouting laps from 7 to 3, the passive damage is lowered pretty aggressively, but it gains to 9-27% bonus attack speed based on her level when you're near your bonded ally.
  • Fate's Call (R) requires you to be closer to your ally to pull 'em in, from 1400 to 1100 range.

  • Defiance (E) had the mantra version buffed in both base shield and a doubling of the AP ratio from 0.3 to 0.6.

  • Taste Their Fear (Q) cooldown from 3.5s to 3s
  • Void Spikes (W) cooldown from 10s to 9s.

  • Whimsy (W) AP scaling ratio on the movement speed cut in half, and the duration is down at later ranks.

  • Prismatic Barrier (W) has the shield stack on the two potential hits, goes slower on the way out and accelerates back faster, and has had both the shield amount and AP ratio lowered.

  • Base magic resist up a bit and gains a scaling magic resist stat.
  • Sapling Toss (E) duration up from a flat 35s to 40s-60s with rank, but they no longer stack on top of each other.

  • Wuju Style (E) base damage up a bit, but now scales with a flat 0.25 bonus AD from a total AD ratio that scaled up with rank.

  • Prowl (Passive) no longer roots hunted monsters.
  • Pounce (W) no longer resets her attack, but had base damage at early levels buffed a bit.

  • Command: Attack (Q) mana cost now scales up from 30 to 50, from a flat 50.

  • Blinding Assault (Q) cooldown up from 11s-7s to 11s-9s, and the duration lowered from 2s to 1.5s.

  • Twin Bite (Q) AD ratio lowered at lower levels from 180%-200% AD to 140%-200% AD.


Base damage from 80 to 60.


Build path changed a bit but the cost is the same. The AD lowered from 30 to 20, but regains its passive cleave.

Bonus armor and magic resist down by 5, and it now takes a flat 1 damage from auto attacks and has 5 HP.


AD from 50 to 35.








Full patch notes with context for the changes can be found here.

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