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Pro Tier: Split Push Compositions – Part 1 on directorygames

by Shakarez on March 22, 2016

Pro Tier: Split Push Compositions - Part 1 on directorygames

In professional play, we see a lot of different strategies being employed in order to win the game–from the more straight-forward to the harder to execute, there are many different playstyles that can be used to win a match.

Today we look at how the pros play Split Push Composition. In season 6 this has been a very popular strategy employed by multiple teams. Why? Because of itemization, current meta champions being used and the fact that towers go down extremely fast due to having little to no resistances, especially in the early stages of the game.


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How does a Split Push Composition work?

Simply put, the idea behind Split Push Comps is to have a designated member on a team be split from his team, pushing a lane and destroying objective after objective while the others are putting pressure in another point of the map, either sieging or contesting a neutral objective.


This forces the opponent to make a choice, either to respond to the single man with more resources or fully engage on the remaining and leave the splitpusher be.


What are Split Push comps vulnerable to?


This one is pretty straight forward, it becomes very hard to execute a split push composition if the designated split pusher is never ahead of his opponent.


The idea behind this composition is that the splitpusher is too strong for one person to deal with, so the opposing team has to commit to sending more people to defend or kill the splitpusher, opening a window of opportunity for the remaining members to pressure another part of the map.


Safe and long range waveclear can also be troublesome when a team can clear waves even with a number’s disadvantage (while two or more people deal with a splitpusher for example) but it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a Baron Buff.



How to get a Split Push started


As mentioned before, it’s essential that the Split Pusher is ahead so he can consistently push against his opponent, or in some situations even duel and kill him.


This requires directing a good part of the resources to that player so he can use it to open an advantage over the enemy laner. These resources can be given in the form of farm allocation, turret gold kills, rift herald buffs and most importantly with jungle pressure and ganks.


The best way of making sure your laner has the advantage is with ganks. If you can kill the opponent it will usually net you a big gold advantage that can be used to hit item power spikes sooner, not to mention the inherent level advantage that will come from getting more minions killed.


A good example of this is what Vitality did versus Fnatic in week 1 of the EU LCS. Shook on Elise put a heavy focus onto Cabochard’s lane (who was on Fiora) spending over 3 minutes on the bot side of the map, constantly looking for opportunities to gank while warding the enemy bot side jungle to make sure Fiora was safe and her growth wouldn’t be stopped or slowed down.


At level 6, they manage to get a kill for Fiora, accelerating her growth over the opposing Olaf and allowing her to have more kill pressure on him due to an item and level advantage. A few minutes later, Elise visited the same lane to amplify Fiora’s advantage even further.



From there it was smooth sailing for Cabochard as the advantage he had allowed him to either kill Olaf or completely zone him out in fear of getting killed once more.


With Fiora being massively ahead, Fnatic are forced to choose. They have to attempt the 5v4 and attempt to kill the rest of Vitality while Cabochard splits. At best, they win a teamfight but lose an inhibitor, so it’s never a favorable situation for them.



Types of Splitpush


There are many champions who can split push effectively but most fit into one of a few archetypes based on how they do their job and in what ways they can translate their advantage to aiding their team.



Duelist Split Pushers

Duelist type Split Pushers focus mainly on gaining an advantage and constantly being able to put pressure on the enemy laner, usually these duelists have extremely strong combat skills tailored for 1v1 duels and
will attempt to kill their opponent to further amplify that advantage
and keep taking objectives.

Examples: Fiora, Jax, Trundle, Kayle, Zed

Mobility Split Pushers

Mobility Split Pushers are the ones that have strong map presence due to global abilities or are simply good Teleport users. While they might be strong duelists, their advantage lies in being able to quickly roam to another lane and join the rest of their team, besides being very strong at taking turrets

Examples: Twisted Fate, Quinn, Shen, Rek’sai

Tank/Portal/Banner Split Pushers

Tanks can also split push, kind of. This is reserved to champions that usually itemize for items such as Banner of Command and Zz’Rot Portal. Usually they will activate the items and leave the lane, joining their team and  leaving the minions to do the work. This is commonly known as ‘The Sixth Man’, you can read more about it here.

Examples: Malphite, Nautilus, Poppy



That will be all all for this week’s iteration of Pro Tier, next week I will be releasing part 2 of Split Push compositions, explaining what other elements a split push composition needs and differentiating a 4-1 split from a 1-3-1.

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