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TSM initiates a transfer of its Overwatch team (#3 in NA, #7 Worldwide) to compLexity Gaming.

TSM announced today it would be transferring its Overwatch roster to CompLexity Gaming. This announcement follows a period of allegations and accusations of cheating following the pickup of the Code 7 roster. Players NicholasTJO and TorkTJO, addressed the allegations on Reddit, responding:

Tork and I did make a mistake in our past in another game, and it’s something we’ve regretted to this day and always will regret. We both understand that it was a terrible decision and we weren’t thinking at the time how it would impact ourselves and others. Moving forward, playing Overwatch professionally for TSM is an opportunity we would never take for granted and we want to show you guys that this will never happen again. We would like to apologize to everyone and hope you can forgive us for making such a poor choice. There is no one to blame but ourselves and we hope we can get a fresh start in Overwatch and gain your trust back over time.

Despite the initial outcry, TSM thought it would be able to move forward, but did not foresee additional “allegations regarding their competitive integrity in other games”. TSM then decided to part ways with their recently acquired Overwatch, but not before arranging a transfer to fellow gaming brand, compLexity Gaming. compLexity Gaming is best known for its teams in Counter Strike Global Offensive, DotA2, and Call of Duty, among other titles. 

In his announcement, TSM owner Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh clarifies:

As a brand, TSM has always been about hard work and performance. I did not want our legacy to be associated with allegations of dubious behavior and I will always hold my brand to the highest standard.

TSM will remain a part of the Overwatch scene and is currently searching for a new team. 

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August 9, 2016 |

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