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directorygames | The Mantle Of Power Update Launches In Trove


Trion Worlds today announced that the highly anticipated release of Trove‘s first ever expansion is now upon us as The Mantle of Power introduces brand new dungeons to explore, new worlds to conquer, a variety of new enemies and exciting new skills and abilities to add more depth to the classes.

The Mantle of Power update is now live and beginning tomorrow, April 28th, players can participate in a rewarding login event over the next 5 days that offers special prizes each and every day through to Monday, May 2nd.

  • Thursday – 10 Gem Booster Boxes
  • Friday – 100 Dragon Coins
  • Saturday – 1 Empowered Gem Box
  • Sunday – Starry Shmeep mount
  • Monday – Ninth Life Gem Level Up Booster

The Mantle of Power sees a huge increase in level cap as players can now progress 50% further with all classes able to level up to 30. New skills and abilities are also included with new Empowered Gems hidden throughout the game world, each unlocking deadly new attacks.

Source: Official Website

April 30, 2016 |

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