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Tyrande Whisperwind announced as new Priest hero skin –


Obtainable through a yet to be announced special promotion event, the Night Elf will make sure Priests are seen on ladder again – at least for a short while.

About ten months ago, on November 5th, a Reddit post¬†stated that Hearthstone Japan had accidentally released a list of voice actors and actresses paired with names of characters they voiced. This wouldn’t have caused a stir, were it not for the fact that many characters on the list existed in the game yet. The leak was brought up once more when the League of Explorers adventure was announced and many names on the list appeared to be correct. Elise Starseeker, Ethereal Conjurer and Naga Sea Witch are amongst the names that were leaked.

However, it turned out the listed characters weren’t only of playable cards. Lady Liadrin became the new Paladin hero and during a special promotion Khadgar could be purchased as the third Mage hero. After Hearthstone’s latest patch another name can be checked on the list: Tyrande Whisperwind will be obtainable as the new Priest hero skin. Details on how to acquire her haven’t surfaced yet, but the patch notes stated a “Special Promotion” will unlock her. Not only will Tyrande be added to your collection, but so will a special card back.

With Tyrande announced there are only a few names on the leaked list that haven’t been revealed yet. Maiev Shadowsong is thought to be an upcoming alternative skin for the Rogue class, but it might still take some time until this is confirmed. The other names on the list are very likely names of cards that have already been released. ‘Bloodsail Swashbuckler’ is probaly Swashburglar, whilst ‘Blackrock Summoner’, ‘Bloodaxe Ritualist’, ‘Sinister Cultist’ and ‘Dark Summoner’ are very likely names for Whispers of the Old Gods cards.



Will you play more Priest now that Tyrande is arriving?

Let’s go! The Light shall burn my opponents!

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Maybe for a short while, but I generally like winning.

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September 17, 2016 |

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