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directorygames | Warcraft Movie Exclusive: Stormwind Keep Tour and J!NX Merchandise Giveaway!


There’s an Orc in the Stormwind Keep! Our Warcraft movie reveals continue with an exclusive first look at Rob Kazinsky touring the Stormwind Keep movie set. Check out our Warcraft Movie Hub for past coverage and a link to buy tickets!

Stormwind Keep is an integral part of every player’s experience. As an Alliance player, you’re completing major quests there…while as a Horde player, you’re sneaking in to attack the Alliance players!

The Stormwind Keep set is quite faithful to the in-game building. There’s a similar octagonal room, bands of blue tiling on the ground, dark marble columns, blue and gold banners, and a central elaborate throne featuring a stained glass lion medallion and gold lion sculptures and decorations. The movie set’s throne is a bit more elaborate than the in-game version, with more gold trim, elaborate stained glass, and a comfy fur throw.

Some detail shots of the Stormwind Keep:

In game, players can explore multiple rooms in the Stormwind Keep including the Throne Room, War Room, Royal Library, Gardens, and Petitioner’s Chamber. The current leader of the Alliance, King Varian Wrynn, resides in the Throne Room.

We’re also holding a giveaway! We have 10 Warcraft Movie shirts to give away from J!NX–if you win, you will be sent a code to redeem for any movie shirt, free shipping. Simply leave a comment telling us what you’re most looking forward to seeing in the movie (or if you’ve seen it, what you enjoyed the most). Browse J!NX’s collection of Warcraft Movie shirts here. This giveaway is open a week from publication of this blog; it closes on June 8th.
June 7, 2016 |

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