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[Watch] Pokemon Generations: Episode 13: The Uprising is now available –


Today has been a big day for Pokemon fans. With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, off days were taken all across the United States today so that trainers can get a big head start on their new Pokemon adventures. On top of that, the on-going Pokemon Generations mini-series released its newest episode, The Uprising a few hours ago as well.

Chapter 13 is all about Team Plasma's attempt to take over Unova at the end of Pokemon Black/White when they attach their giant castle to the Pokemon League building. The gym leaders from the region come to stop the evil doers, but there is no sign of a cut over to the player character, Ghetsis, or the mysterious N. In the game, this was the moment where the player had defeated the Elite 4 and was on their way to the room of the Champion, so at this point, those battles haven't yet taken place.

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November 19, 2016 |

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