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What’s Blizzard teasing with all these expansion-related tweets? on directorygames


The new Hearthstone expansion announcement it’s just a few days away, but already the community has received a number of hints about its theme.

Following investigations from YouTubers such as Disguisedtoast and hint-dropping from members of the Chinese Hearthstone community, the Hearthstone fanbase is at this point convinced that Karazhan will be the theme of game’s next adventure expansion. The grand reveal itself is scheduled to be at ChinaJoy on July 28th, 23:00 PDT / 08:00 CEST, now officially confirmed by Blizzard’s own announcement.

Since July 22nd, Blizzard themselves have been dropping hints on Twitter and the very first one got fans excited and looking for their tinfoil hats at the same time. A picture of Annoy-o-Tron, a card that was rotated out of Standard with the arrival of Whispers of the Old Gods, and the phrase “come standard” in the same tweet is perhaps a farfetched indication that changes to the competitive format might be coming, but it’s still something. Just a few hours ago, another Tweet featuring a quote from the now-rotated Mad Scientist confirmed July 28th as the announcement date.

This could very well indicate nothing specific, of course, as the rest of @PlayHearthstone’s tweets were only suggesting it’s a “party theme” before anything else. With Hearthstone’s universe designed to be a fun, comical twist of the actual world of Azeroth, there’s no saying that we can’t get Karazhan and party at the same time.


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July 26, 2016 |

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