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directorygames | World of Dragon Nest: New Trailer, Gameplay Details and Release Schedule


If you are currently playing Dragon Nest or similar multiplayer action game, you should keep an eye on World of Dragon Nest now. The developer Eyedentity Games has revealed a lot of new information of the open world, cross-platform MMORPG. They also released a new gameplay trailer that shows a lot of open world combat footage.

World of Dragon Nest will feature characters from the original PC version and introduce in new characters. Players will face new enemies called "Paradise Exiles", according to the lead designer Do-hyung Kwon at Eyedentity Games. Of course, the new game will focus on larger scale combat and in the future, the end-game content will include guild wars which involves 60 players, 30 from each side, fighting each other.
Since World of Dragon Nest will be released on mobile platform, there will be auto combat, Eyedentity Games confirms. However, you can switch to manual mode anytime you want. The biggest feature is of course the non-targeting combat, and it's where the development mainly focuses on. In the new game, there will be a gauge on the screen and it's like an ultra skill system. Making both genders for each class is the other thing the developer team puts a lot of resources into, says Do-hyung Kwon.
directorygames | World of Dragon Nest: New Trailer, Gameplay Details and Release Schedule
The class and skill system has completely changed
In addition to gender lock removal, World of Dragon Nest completely ditches the class / skill system in Dragon Nest. There are 7 class archetypes in Dragon Nest, each of which has 2 paths for job advancement. In World of Dragon Nest, weapon defines your character's role and combat style. That means changing weapon will change how you fight since skills are bound to weapons. There will be classes in WoDN, and there will be class-specific weapons (for instance, only Warrior can use two-handed sword and battle axe). You can imagine how it works by looking at Guild Wars 2's weapon and skill system.
Besides, there will be a new class in WoDN that isn't available in DN, called Slayer.
directorygames | World of Dragon Nest: New Trailer, Gameplay Details and Release Schedule
Releasing in summer 2018

Do-hyung Kwon says the dev team has a lot of ideas for the Dragon Nest IP but they are not able to deliver all of them in the game released 7 years ago. He believes World of Dragon Nest will excite all Dragon Nest players.
World of Dragon Nest is expected to complete the development at the end of 2017 and release in summer 2018. Crossplay is supported, like Blizzards' Hearthstone.
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