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Have GGG Created The Harbinger League Tougher?


As you know we adore POE and POE Orbs seem to have a permanent spot on our Hot Sale. But we also like to speak for the community and appear for other bits of information around the game that we can then speak to you guys about.

We not too long ago had been a component of a discussion around the POE Reddit (no not about Path Of Exile Orbs this time) exactly where a single user and player made the recommendations that Grinding Gear Games have buffed the current league in order to make it more dangerous.

Very a great deal of players seem to agree with this and we wanted to weigh in on this here. We really like how random several of the previous leagues have felt. Just when you believe you might be getting a manager on issues all hell breaks loose and also you are horribly outmatched. However, the way that Path Of Exile does it, it in no way really feels unfair or which you must obtain Path Of Exile Orbs to progress. Of course, you can find some who say that GGG goes too far and makes the game way as well though, there are actually some extremely salty comments on Reddit, we can inform you that.

But in the event the people today at Grinding Gear Games have decided to make this present league harder, we actually don’t possess a difficulty with it. There is just anything so satisfying about finally receiving to a potent sufficient level to take down that enemy who has been kicking your ass!

What do you guys take into consideration the difficulty from the current league? Let us know and you’ll want to appear at our Hot Sale exactly where it is possible to Path Of Exile Orbs at a really low rate.

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December 2, 2017 |

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