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With Pep in our Step – Friday, June 23, 2017 on directorygames


Happy Friday all. Hope you’re gearing up for the weekend–or maybe you’ve already started? We’re closing out the week here at CSE with a solid update on the week’s highlights and a bit of art to boot. We’ve even got a small behind-the-scenes video link at the end, illustrating a new feature in the animation system. We think Andrew’s test to see if it was working was too amusing not to share. With that said, let’s get to the week’s highlights!

Top Tenish:

1. WIP – Tech – Improvements to shadows: After fixing a long litany of bugs last week, George is now focusing on shadow bugs and improvements. Shadows have been updated to look better with our improved and expanded draw distance. When this work started, we just had blurry squares around the character showing up on the ground. Now, you can see individual leaves from the trees above and the grass around you with no impact on performance. More improvements still to come!

2. WIP – Tech – Effects playing from animations: Andrew added functionality for frame-specific VFX and SFX events in the animation system. Users of the system (Mike, dB, and Ben) can also specify which bone from which to play an effect (hand vs. foot vs. head, etc.). This is a great example of Design, Art, Audio, and Engineering working together! To test the new functionality, Andrew added a little “pop” to our run animation. Check the video below, but keep your sense of humor in mind! What you see is “working as intended,” but only if you like firecrackers and sparkles.

July 18, 2017 |

directorygames – An Explosive Update – Friday, June 30th, 2017



Hey all, it’s week’s end, and it has been a very good week indeed! First though, to those of you celebrating the Fourth of July, Happy Holiday! FYI, we’ll be out next week until Wednesday with a much-deserved small break to enjoy the celebrations ourselves! Even though this isn’t a User Stories update week, we have a whole lot of “explosive” content to share with you. First, we’ve broken our record for the size of our newsletter as we have the largest one to date for your reading pleasure, including some Texas-sized articles from Scott, dB, and Ben! Then there’s our Top Tenish list with lots good stuff for this week, plus the images below. Without much more preamble, let’s get into this week’s highlights, which are, as usual, more than ten–fifteen, to be precise.

Top Tenish:

1. WIP – Tech – Shadow Improvements: Following up last week’s work, George has completed another pass on shadow quality. Some existing artifacting has been removed, and shadows are crisper now. We’re also rendering about 16x less shadow when looking straight down, and about 4x less when looking at long distances. This means we’re rendering fewer shadows that are already outside your viewing frustum. Should be a small performance gain, depending on different factors, like time of day, view, etc. As per the title, this is a WIP, so please keep that in mind and let us know if you are having a different experience during testing (slower, less crisp, etc.). And don’t forget, a DXDiag is necessary to help us to help you.

2. WIP – Tech – Archery Animations: Andrew has been hard at work getting archery animations hooked up. This has involved adding cosmetic functionality to the ability system in order to play specific animations during different phases of an ability, as opposed to just making archery animations play. This first pass went in this morning. Towards the end of the day here, he was able to get IK (Inverse Kinematic) aiming movement of the character’s arms and bow working, which really improves the look of aiming. After that, he’ll work on putting an arrow model in the bow and Sandra and/or Scott will take a second pass at the animations.

3. WIP – Tech – Siege Engines: Matt continues to fix little issues we’ve uncovered through playtesting. Most recently, we’re better handling how siege engines and player movement play together. There was a fun bug when players clicked on a siege engine while moving the camera: The focus would switch to the siege engine aiming, but your player character would keep running…away…into the sunset. In addition to this update, he’ll soon be landing an “exit” button that will allow players to quickly exit their siege engines, replacing the ‘/siege exit’ command.

4. WIP – Tech – Building Segmentation: Brad is following up his previous work on the encoder/decoder changes last week to improve performance for C.U.B.E. structures. Buildings on the client can now apply changes to only the segments that have changed, without having to compare the old and new building. The server-side piece of this work is now in review. These changes not only reduce network traffic but also reduce the amount of work the client and server have to do, significantly improving performance.

5. WIP – Tech – Moving Items in Inventory: Christina and AJ have been working together to set up API calls to make the new player inventory window function. In doing so, they’ve found a few fun things to fix and improve. For example, in testing, Christina found that you could put a container in a container that is in the first container, creating a container black hole that might have destroyed the universe. We’re gonna fix that.

July 18, 2017 |

directorygames – A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017


Hey, it’s Friday already?! I’ve said this before, that sometimes we’re so busy, that the days just fly by. This week was doubly quick as it was a short week for us coming back from the longer Fourth of July weekend. Regardless, we got straight to work with a big focus on client stability. We’ve always said we want to make sure the build is stable, not only for Beta, but as we go. On top of this, we’ve got a team that has grown not only in volume but also in skill. Sometimes, as was the case this week, you find you’re dealing with issues from old code that you are now much more capable of improving.

We made a lot of progress over the past three days, but not quite enough to feel confident in a test this weekend. Be assured, we’ll have some testing next week where we’ll need our Backer’s help as we continue digging through crash logs and improving client stability. Let’s move into the week’s highlights!

Top Tenish:

1. WIP – Tech – Client Stability: Following our explosive 4th of July playtest, multiple members of the team came in after a long weekend with eyes towards improving client stability. Thank you to those testers who helped us track down bugs, and more importantly, client crashes. So what’s in the pot?

  • We added some hardening around our audio initialization. This was related to a crash some users were experiencing. As a matter of fact, about 30% of the client crashes this past week were due to audio issues.
  • There are now more “asserts” (Backers see these on Hatchery) added to the client that will help the development team to track down issues faster when something goes wrong.
  • Dave is spending a bit of time updating our process for loading models to be more thread-safe going forward.

2. WIP – Tech – ‘Make’ Crafting Action: The first pass of the final stage of crafting is “Making” is in. Here you take existing “sub items” (such as alloys, and eventually other items) and use them to create a usable item (like a sword). Stats from sub items will be factored into newly created items which allows players to craft unique items. Other cool stuff on the horizon includes:

  • Restrictions on who can make what, so Vikings can’t make TDD armor or even use special Realm-based ingredients.
  • The change makes the Making’s recipe system more flexible, so we can support making items from an alloy, but recipes can also reference any other item types, like substances, blocks, other items.
  • You’ll still be able to make multiple items at once.

3. WIP – Tech – Continued Shadow Optimization: We’ve made multiple updates to shadows last week, which gave us far more detailed shadows. They also flicker less and look smoother. Currently, shadows are most expensive part of our rendering code.  George is currently making an optimization pass to continue to improve performance. Backers with older, less powerful video cards, don’t forget you can minimize the effect of the higher-definition shadows by changing your graphic settings in the game’s “options” menu. It can make a huge difference in your performance now!

4. WIP – Player Inventory UI: JB is working through the code review for AJ’s first major task since joining us- the inventory UI. This process has been more lengthy than usual, as JB is using this time to mentor AJ, which has the added benefit of helping one of our newest engineers grow his skillset.

5. WIP – Tech – Siege Engines Targetting: Matt is updating the targeting code to work with siege engines, so you can pick a target focus, like with most abilities.

6. WIP – Art – Realm Portals: Dionne completed a material pass on the Realm ownership variations of the Viking portal statue. Michelle also completed a rough pass paintover of the TDD portal to improve its overall design.

7. WIP – Art – Animation: Sandra previously completed the second pass of a couple of dual wield swings with a club/torch and sword. This week she’s working through a piercing attack for the sword and deflect animations for both weapons. This will then be followed with improved shield animations.

8. WIP – Art – Animation: Scott began work this week on the scorpion siege engine animations. This will still need some tech work, but we’re making sure the art assets are available for the engineers ahead of time.

9. Art – Character and Armor Material Improvements: Jon took a quick detour this week to improve the look of the armor materials for better differentiation between material types, such as leather vs. cloth, or metal. Additionally, he completed a quick pass on character skin rough and specular values. This required only a quick audit of the “shininess” of materials in our PBR system. Because our lighting model is not yet final, and our artists are continually improving their craft, we’ll take these short detours to update old assets.

10. WIP – Art – Mines: Dionne began work late last week on assets that will be used to assemble a mine. This work will surely continue through next week as we hone in on a look and feel for these interiors and begin propping them out.

11. WIP – Art – Battlegroups UI: James completed a first pass styling of the Battlegroups UI. JB is currently working with him to review and audit for later integration.

You know, even though it’s only been three days for us here in the office, we still had eleven items! Pretty good for a short week. With that said, we don’t have as many images this week for the update, but I hope that what we do have gets your imaginations going! Following up last week’s material concept work from Michelle, we have renders of those material passes on the actual Viking portal model. (We’ll add the secondary items and VFX in game later.) First up, TDD and Viking treatments.
directorygames - A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017

And next, the Arthurian and neutral variations. As a side note, I like that when we talked about these changes, Michelle continued to refer to this as “tagging” or “graffiti” that a realm might put on the object when they take over the territory.
directorygames - A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017

One thing we have not yet solved, is the look of the TDD portal statue. Last week, we showed a WIP model sketch of it from Jon. However none of us were really feeling it. It also didn’t match the more vertical look of the other two realm portals. Sometimes it takes figuring out what you don’t like to find out what will work best. This week, Michelle took an alternate model sketch Jon made and did a quick paint over in her stream. Even with these we weren’t quite feeling it. So next week, look for some new ideas for the TDD portal statue. Regardless, we wanted to include the below image as it truly is a sneak peek behind the process we go through.
directorygames - A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017

Next up, we have some work in progress shots of the mine assets from Dionne. This first pass is to figure out the scale of a basic tunnel with some minor propping to see if we like the feel of it. Once we sign off on this we can begin making all types of halls and rooms, and begin adding in some more unique hero pieces. We’ll have an in game shot next week with additional props and lighting. If you’d like to see the live stream of Dionne working on this today, you can catch that HERE.
directorygames - A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017
directorygames - A Short Week with Plenty of Progress – Friday, July 7, 2017
That wraps things up for us here at CSE. Thanks for joining us on this journey. We appreciate your patience as we put in the collective effort to make a game we can all have fun killing each other in! And as a second reminder, no testing this weekend, but we expect plenty next week.


– t

July 18, 2017 |

directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017


Alrighty then! Tim and I just sat back down at our desks after a lengthy End of Week Wrap-Up. As this was a fairly busy week, we covered a lot of topics in our Top Tenish talk. We also took a pile of questions at the end, which made for a lengthy stream, clocking in at one and a half hours! If you missed that, you can catch it HERE.

Last week, we began a focused effort on client stability. This is one of those things that we have to deal with every once in a while as part of maintaining code. The problems born from the state of this code kept us from testing at the end of last week, and, unfortunately, have also kept us from more testing this week. That is the bad news. The good news is that Andrew and George are “burning this code with fire” as we speak, which will not only make the client more stable, but will make it easier for us to use moving forward.

For this week’s development, we’ve had no significant problem in working around this issue, so there’s plenty of work to show off in this week’s Top Tenish.

Top Tenish:

1. WIP – Tech – Siege Engines: We’re getting closer to siege engines that actually look, feel, and play like they need to for the opening of Beta 1! Matt took Scott’s first pass scorpion siege weapon animation and successfully paired it with the ability system this week. The scorpion upper half now animates according to the ability as you aim and fire. Coming up soon: investigations into pairing a character to the scorpion, second-pass scorpion animations, and bolt-based siege abilities.

2. WIP – Animation system improvements to support archery: Late last Friday, Andrew improved the timing of the archery animations with the ability system and also added IK functionality to the aiming of the character. Now, as you aim, the character’s body and arms will aim with you! It looks so much better! As an anecdote: Andrew was deep in thought working on this, then suddenly looked up and said, “I’m doing quaternion math in my head!”

3. WIP – Tech – Scene Updates: Per last week’s Top Tenish item about client instability, we’re focused on Scene updates right now. A Scene contains the objects of your game like cameras, models, effect, etc. The updates in our Scene are spread across as many threads as possible to maximize performance. As more and more things have been added to the Scenes later, we’ve uncovered some issues with Scene stability. We’ve put some of our top programmers on the case to make things more stable now and for future changes. Once we get things sorted, we’ll be back to our regular testing cadence.

4. Tech – Item Updates: Support for item slots went in with the changes to support recipe making (last week’s stuff). We’re now also able to specify items in data sheets (such as character loadouts) so that they can be fully made as if they were crafted items from the start. Also, in an effort to avoid creating rips in space and time, we’ve added protection to avoid putting a container or a Vox inside of itself (we all want to avoid Vox-ception).

5. WIP – Tech – Building Segmentation: Server physics for buildings is now segmented, meaning it builds the physics mesh in smaller segments. This optimization allows us to have even bigger buildings. Rob is currently throwing metrics at these changes, and once things are more stable, we’ll be testing bigger plot sizes.

6. WIP – Tech – Terrain Control Points: Brad is updating and continuing work on the control point code. Ownership of a control point is what supports, among other things, changing the terrain to show that your Realm controls it. In the past, we’ve also used these for our point-based control game. Our current control point code is specific to terrain, and Brad has some ideas on how to extend this code for use with other potential systems in the future. While we’re not committing to that yet, as we still need to discuss the details, we’re hoping for a two-for-one task: If it works out, control points can also take other inputs like lighting, ambient sounds, and other effects we’ll tackle later. This would give us much more variation for showing control of a biome by a specific Realm!

7. WIP – Design/Art/Tech – Ability Bar Visual Design: While JB and AJ finish up the first pass of player inventory UI, they have begun meetings with Art and Design to work out tasking for near and long-term changes to the ability bar visuals and functionality. James has begun the layout phase to stay ahead of engineering.

8. Art – UI – Inventory and Damage type icons: James Koo, or as Mark refers to him, “Mr. Koo!”, has finished up a fairly large task: creating all the icons currently needed. Roughly 150! It’s a worthy accomplishment, especially once you take into account that each one is its own individual piece of vector art and needs to convey a lot of specific information quickly, in a teeny tiny little space. As noted above, he’s begun work on the ability bar layout and styling.

9. Art – TDD Portal Marker Concept: As mentioned last week, we weren’t happy with the TDD version of the portal marker. Included in today’s update is an image that shows where Michelle has taken it, which we all agree is much stronger. Still a few more details to figure out, but we’ll get Jon modeling this on a livestream soon!

10. WIP – Art – Mines: Dionne finished a rough pass last week to figure out some of the basic scale of interior spaces. This week, she has continued to build new pieces with added props. Our first goal is to get an interior in-game for Backers to explore and provide feedback. Then we’ll go wider, creating more Lego-style pieces with variation, from which Designers can build something fun! Mark enthusiastically raised his hand to take on this arduous task.

11. Art – Animation – one-handed club, mace, and sword animations: In this example, we have a club animation going on in the left hand, and a one-handed sword animation in the right. This week, Sandra completed a sword piercing attack, and both weapon-deflect animations. The next step is to reverse the weapons’ hand placements so that players can equip those items in either hand. This will do away with the old rough-pass animations for these weapons.

12. Art – Animation: Scott finished off the two-handed greatsword deflect, flinch, and additional cape and skirt polish this week. As with Sandra’s work, we’ve made more than one deflect animation, so we have several timings to try out when this gets hooked up with the ability and animation systems. We’ll include a video in today’s update.

13. Art VFX – Weapon Trails and Blood Splatters: Well, that’s an item I didn’t expect to be writing! Mike has been working on improved blood splatter resources this week. Every time I look over at his screen, some poor soul is is leaking from somewhere on their body! Additionally, he’s been looking into the settings and details in our VFX system to get “weapon trails” added to abilities. As a side note, Ben is wrapping up the breakdown of VFX and SFX needed for our healer archetypes, which will get more attention soon.

As I said, not only are there plenty of list items, but they represent a solid week for us here. Now let’s get into even more info. We’ve always said we’ll do our best to be one of the most transparent game development teams out there, which leads us to User Stories. If you’re not familiar with these, you can find them on a searchable page on our website. They basically provide a deep dive into all the tasks to complete a feature. We’ve now moved to a once-a-month update cadence for these, so the list below may seem a bit longer than usual. Which is a good thing! We’ve had a solid month of progress, staying slightly above-average for User Story updates. They’re all presented below. Of course, if you just want to get to the pretty pictures, get your scroll wheel finger ready, and scroll till you see some great art from our team!

User Stories: 105 Complete.
24 Old cards with 93 completes
4 New cards with 12 completes.

As a Backer, I’d like to find unique environment props, or unique locations, that add flavor to the environment while I’m exploring the Biomes.
Optimization and LOD pass on statues 1-7 – Complete

As a Backer, I’d like to know about smaller changes that don’t have their own user story.
Teleport into a random place near a central teleport location. – Complete
Allow compiler to optimize math operations where part of a value is known at compile time. – Complete
assert_cast on reference types, improving build speed of NDEBUG target. – Complete
Shadow Quality options slider goes from 0-4. – Complete
Update health bar for correct resource regen rates. – Complete
Create and run events using an event runner that is created by the event processor. – Complete
Recreate entity-control components when sending an entity to another server. – Complete
Prevent models from reporting they are done building before they are actually done.  – Complete
Audit User Stories for accuracy. Meta much? – Complete
Create VFX and SFX for Fourth Of July holiday, and for fun future VFX and combat tests. – Complete

As a Backer, I’d like to see the world of Camelot Unchained continue to develop through its lore.
Silverhands Becoming – Part 2 Final Draft – Complete
Silverhands Becoming – Part 3 Final Draft – Complete

As a Backer, I’d like to see graphical and networking performance improvements, when building and destroying structures.
Encoding/Decoding creates a record of the segments that changed, which can later be used to update buildings for renderable/physics/whatever. – Complete
Send building updates to the physics server as deltas, to determine which parts of the physics mesh need to be rebuilt. – Complete

As a Developer, I would like easily searchable server logs that are the front line of finding problems.
Break out timing by message type. – Complete
Add the message size to metrics. – Complete

As a Backer, I’d like to see improvements in server stability, speed, and robustness.
Incorporate proxy metrics. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to see improvements in visual performance, particularly frame rate and memory usage.
Improve shadow look to account for draw-distance increase. – Complete
Make sure the player-character and surrounding 15m is always in the highest cascade. – Complete
Back the cascade off to 1km view distance, tripling the resolution. – Complete

As a Developer and Backer, I’d like to see improvements in lighting and rendering.
Fix square artifacts in shadows on semi-transparent surfaces. – Complete
Prevent shadows from flickering during any kind of move or rotation. – Complete
Limit the maximum range of shadow maps and keep a similar brightness across cascades. – Complete
QueueForRenderable returns whether or not the Renderable actually rendered anything.  – Complete
Particles will only render into the environment map if they’re in the sky. – Complete
Move SampleMask to a shared header for Prepass and Shadow pixel shaders. – Complete
Shadow performance improvement – don’t draw invisible cascades.  – Complete
Changes to render accumulation so that views keep track of the extents of the visible area where they are rendered. – Complete

As a Backer I’d like a patcher to not only update my game, but also give me the most important news and updates, get support, chat with the community and look awesome while doing it!
Update Discord server bot to accept parameters.  – Complete

As a Developer, I’d like to see improvements in the editor to facilitate my work.
Handle edge case of a skeleton having no animation clips when processing. – Complete
Handle bad DLL distribution at editor startup. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to play as a Crafter with basic gathering and crafting mechanics for testing.
Avoid negative mass value in alloy “percent remaining” calculations when alloy has already been split. – Complete
Add protection against putting a container/Vox inside itself. – Complete
SFX: Foley recording and processing for mining, axes, etc. – Complete
Support for Make action and MakeJobs – Complete
Resource Nodes:
Add a config value to be able to turn off resource node damage. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to be able to pick an item up off the ground, put it in my inventory, and if applicable, equip it.
Sub items are stored in the DB as a full Item dbmodel under the item. – Complete
Bust item cache on load and modify. – Complete
Create persisted StackHash for items that can be fetched through the API server queries. – Complete
Support for loading of equipment whose equip slots have changed due to item versioning. – Complete
Allow items to be placed in/removed from containers which are in containers. – Complete
Optimize ‘refill ammo’ by cloning similar items instead of making a new identical itemDBModel. – Complete
Make items which comprise other items take up generic item sub slots. – Complete
Implement Item movement API for moving items and item stacks throughout inventory. – Complete
Adding ItemSubSlot information to allow Vox jobs to hold multiple items associated with the same recipe slot. – Complete

As a player, I want to view a character UI that shows me my stats, allows me to swap out my equipment, organize my inventory, and see my collection of crafting resources.
First pass inventory icons – armor, weapons, crafting, misc. – Complete
Second pass inventory icons – armor, weapons, crafting, misc. – Complete
Compile all of the UI SVG icons into one font. – Complete

As a Developer, I’d like the Camelot Unchained ability system to fully support the design scope of the game for B1.
Make creation of multiple target dummies happen in parallel. – Complete
Use IWorldState in ServerEntities instead of WorldState. – Complete

As a Backer, I want to seamlessly move between islands and zones without being aware that I’m moving between different game servers.
Physics Subzones:
Update physics subzone barrier size to prevent client from extrapolating player movement using a large delta. – Complete

As a Developer, I’d like to improve the visuals of our current characters and armor, and note lessons learned to move forward into our next iterations.
Audit and improve character skin specular and roughness values. – Complete
Audit and improve character armor, where applicable, to improve specular and roughness values. – Complete
Improve female Luchorpan hair textures to test later new hair update. – Complete

As a Developer, I’d like to have a clear visual design for the UI of Camelot Unchained during Beta 1.
Final pass health bar styling. – Complete
First pass menu bar style concept. – Complete
Second pass menu bar style concept. – Complete
First pass damage type icons. – Complete
Second pass damage type icons. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to play the Arthurian Blackguard class.
VFX- Break down Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
VFX – Bow Abilities – Prepare to Projectile Success: First pass shared and generic assets assigned. – Complete
VFX – Arrow type – Projectile Trail: Unique arrow trails per arrow type assigned. – Complete
SFX – Break down Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
Animation – Break down Archer needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to play the TDD Forest Stalker class.
VFX- Breakdown Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
VFX – Bow Abilities – Prepare to Projectile Success: First pass shared and generic assets assigned. – Complete
VFX – Arrow type – Projectile Trail: Unique arrow trails per arrow type assigned. – Complete
SFX – Break down Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
Animation – Break down Archer needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to play the Viking Winter’s Shadow class.
VFX- Break down Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
VFX – Bow Abilities – Prepare to Projectile Success: First pass shared and generic assets assigned. – Complete
VFX – Arrow type – Projectile Trail: Unique arrow trails per arrow type assigned. – Complete
SFX – Break down Archer component needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete
Animation – Break down Archer needs in phases to facilitate quicker combat testing with polish later. – Complete

As a Backer, I want an animation system that blends multiple animations together, and allows for immersive and fun combat.
New Animation System:
Particles and sounds can be played out of animation clips. – Complete
Animation events are properly hidden when their body region is masked. – Complete
Animation events re-fire when you loop through that section of a clip again. – Complete
Changing the clip will clear all pending effects. – Complete
Calculate BodyRegion of bones earlier in the FBXBuild process and include BodyRegion on AnimEvents – Complete
Give ‘flinch’ a lower priority than jump and run on lower body. – Complete
Attach skill phase -> animation segment mapping to animation effects. – Complete
Properly feed start phase and duration through all ClientSkillEffects. – Complete
Fix PoseGenerator so a BoneMover can add another BoneMover from its UpdatePreVis. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like the ability to build, spawn, aim, and fire a siege engine at players and buildings.
Post Re-ab Revisit:
Clear out player’s movement server side when they take control of a siege engine. – Complete
Simple siege exit button in UI instead of slash command. – Complete
First pass arthurian scorpion animations. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like the landing areas to be propped out with a wharf from which player can travel to and from other islands.
Additional prop pass – fish, nets, buckets, statues, etc. – Complete
SFX: Generic, localized, wharf ambience. – Complete
SFX: Creaking wood localized sound for docks.  – Complete
SFX: Brazier fire. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to be able to collect resources for crafting, from temporary Beta models, representing the resource types.
Second Pass Concept Art. – Complete

New Cards:

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to test the look and feel of combat with the new animation system, while wielding a greatsword.
Phase 1:

Offensive stance: Combat idle. – Complete
Offensive stance: Upper body combat movement – walk, run, jump, fall. – Complete
Offensive stance: Mid slash attack. – Complete
Offensive stance: Block/Deflect, flinch, death. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to be able to explore a mine using the portaling and zone transition tech, in lieu of the post B1 “bubble” tech.

First pass white box of assets to determine scale of tunnels, caverns, etc. – Complete
First pass generic tunnel art: Update purchased models and materials to begin creating parts library.  – Complete
First pass rough propping of assets to create appropriate look and feel. – Complete
First Pass: Water eroded cavern props – modeling and materials. – Complete
SFX/VFX: Smaller variation to generic wall torch, for use in smaller spaces. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like an interactive portal system that teleports me to other active portals based on availability and Realm control.
First pass portal marker 3D concepts. – Complete
First pass portal marker 2D concept art for each Realm, with Realm control material variations. – Complete

As a Backer in Beta 1, I’d like to hear sound events based on player movement using the new animation system.
First pass generic foot impacts when walking and running. – Complete

For those of you who came for the details, or were curious about a specific feature, hope you found something awesome! If there’s a feature not represented in this update, you can always go to our User Stories page on our website and search for what you’re curious about. For those of you with the tired scroll wheel finger, time to move onto the art for the week!

Let’s start where most ideas first go: concept art! In last week’s update, we showed off the Arthurian and Viking portal marker models. That left the TDD marker, which we weren’t quite happy with. You can see that concept piece HERE. We asked Michelle to come up with a new idea. Boy, did she come up with a new idea! We really liked the new direction, so the images below represent her explorations. First up, the line drawings.
directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017

After a quick review, we chose one in particular for further development. The next image represents exploration of different base treatments. I say ‘base’ because once one is approved, we’ll move into how the marker will change when a different Realm controls the territory it resides upon.
directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017

If you find this piece particularly enchanting, you can catch Michelle’s stream from earlier this week to watch her skillz in action!

Next up, we have an video clip of new animations for the two-handed greatsword. We’re building off of last week’s animation video by adding in a couple of flinch animations, deflects, as well as a death. Nothing says RvR like a good death animation, right?
directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017

Next, we have some in-engine shots of the continued mine work from Dionne. You can catch last week’s livestream where she began working on these assets HERE, and this week’s livestream HERE. This is still very much a work-in-progress. We’re focused right now on the size of the rooms and halls first, before we began really building all the pieces out. This thing has already proven spooky, as I myself got a little freaked out running around in it! Imagine prepping your abilities for a surprise close encounter in here.
directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017
directorygames | Mine? Mine? Mine? – Friday, July 14, 2017

And here’s a shot out of Maya, showing the rough layout in progress. We’re looking forward to getting Backers inside this thing! Don’t get your pencil and paper out yet, the layout is sure to change.

July 18, 2017 |

Path of Exile is coming to console on directorygames


I played Grinding Fear Games’s Path of Exile for a while after it launched. I was a huge fan of the totally bonkers passive skill tree (1325 nodes!!) and a few of the item economies— it’s a very creative action RPG and was definitely worth the time I spent on it. Since then, it’s enjoyed a few updates. I haven’t really followed it too closely over the last year, though.

Now, however, it’s getting an even bigger update, The Fall of Oriath, which adds six chapters to the four-chapter-long game. The amount of content in the new version is enough to have justified a sequel, if this game were a traditional boxed product— but since PoE is a F2P online game, the developers decided to include the new content as an update rather than split the playerbase. The new update is currently in beta and will launch in July.

What’s more interesting to me, however, is that the game in its fully-updated Fall of Oriath state will actually launch on Xbox One later this year. I got a while to check out how the game plays with a controller, and it’s pretty good, actually. If you’re a console player who wanted to play a hack-and-slash RPG but never got a chance to check out Diablo 3 for whatever reason, Path of Exile could be a good free option for you.

Path of Exile is coming to console on directorygames

The port to gamepad controls is pretty good. Abilities are bound to the face buttons; pressing right trigger shifts those keys to a different ability set, which gives you access to eight abilities at once. I got to try out a melee character, the Duelist, as well as a Templar who’d been specced as a spellcaster. Controlling the spell caster was a little more difficult than the Duelist, since his abilities on PC make use of cursor position for a teleport spell; however, I bet I’d be able to master his controls on gamepad with a little practice. Ever since Diablo 3, I really do expect mouse-original hack-and-slash games on console to have fluid and satisfying controls, and PoE seems like it’s doing a good job.

The console version will also launch with all the content from the Fall of Oriath campaign as well, so that stuff was most of what I saw in my hands-on demo. I fought a giant crab-monster whose boss-battle arena kept shrinking in a ring of crashing waves; I smushed a bunch of lobster swarms, too. I was then hurried off to an environment I more strongly associate with PoE’s main aesthetic: a totally-ruined, blood-drenched palace kind of a thing where everything was drowning in murderous red haze. There, I got my ass kicked by a three-story-high risen god who kept accidentally dropping his heart on the floor. The devs explained that the majority of the new expansion is focused on defeating this fellow; acts six through ten involve traveling back to the game’s original starting areas and gaining the power necessary to defeat him.

Path of Exile is coming to console on directorygames

This means that the new expansion will take players back to the exact same towns and locations I saw when I first played Path of Exile years ago. And good news: they are no longer a relentless brown morass! One of the things that made me drop away from this game back when it was much shorter was the super-brown and muddy art style. Most of the new expansions over the last few years have moved away from the all-dirt-all-the-time look the game launched with; it was genuinely relieving to see familiar old environments lit up and green.

I’ll probably be checking out Path of Exile’s new expansion on the PC, though as a PS4-haver I probably won’t be able to try the Xbox One version personally. Which is a shame; Diablo 3 convinced me that there ought to be more hack and slash RPGs on console than there currently are. If you agree, and you’re looking for massive crowds of scuttling lobsters to smash, Path of Exile might satisfy.

July 4, 2017 |

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite hands-on on directorygames


The dream matchup between Marvel and Capcom will continue later this year in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, and fighting game fans are rejoicing. A return to a two-on-two fighting format, a brand new Infinity Stone system, and a story mode tying everything together is a lot to be excited for, but much of what sets this new game apart from its predecessors focuses on bringing new players into the fold without taking away the high level combat the franchise is known for. Having played the game at E3 2017, I can say that there is definitely more to MvC:I than meets the eye.

The Capcom booth offered two demos to attendees: the same Story Mode demo that is available to download now, and a more traditional Versus Mode demo. The Story Mode does a decent job of laying a narrative groundwork, but it’s mostly a string of cutscenes linked together by all-too-brief battles with predetermined teams against lackeys and drones. The depth of the game’s new mechanics is instantly lost, as the demo offers no agency for team selection and no time to learn the teams the demo does provide. As soon as a player discovers something unique or interesting, the match is over and the next cutscene is playing.  My hope is that this is just an introduction to the storyline and that the official offering will be more robust, but right now the Story Demo leaves a lot to be desired.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite hands-on on directorygames

The Versus Demo provided exclusively to E3-goers is where the real meat of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is. The first major difference when picking up a controller is the switch in control scheme, changing from four separate attacks of differing strength to two light attacks (punch and kick) and two heavy attacks. This hearkens back to Marvel vs Capcom 2, and it does wonders for bringing the familiarity of that blockbuster hit back to the franchise. The second instantly noticeable change is the cutting of team size from three characters to two, meaning there’s one less life bar to depend on during battle. These two changes make for much more strategic matches which are easier to control, lowering the barrier to entry for new players.

This accessibility is heightened even further with the new easy combo system where seven seven quick button presses in succession, four of any one attack then one of every other attack, turn into an easy multi-hit combo for decent damage. It’s not the most complex combo, nor will it be revolutionizing the competitive scene, but it allows the newest Marvel vs Capcom player to have some sort of weapon in their back pocket at all times. Other than this new mechanic, the controls fall under familiar Capcom quarter-circle turns of the joystick for special and super moves, which comes with a bit of a learning curve for new players but nothing that can’t be learned quickly.

Seasoned MvC players have a few new items to look forward to as well, including one that takes strategizing to a whole new level. The most universal change to the core MvC formula in Infinite is the Active Switch mechanic, replacing the previous tagging-in of partners with the ability to switch teammates on the fly. A player controlling Ryu can activate his Shinku Hadoken super move, then press Active Switch while the beam is firing to bring in his partner and extend the combo. There is seemingly no parameter that prevents switching characters other than taking a hit, opening up all kinds of combo opportunities for capable players.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite hands-on on directorygames

The Infinity Stone system, however, adds that aforementioned layer of depth to strategy, giving teams extra abilities depending on the stone chosen before a match. The Infinity Surge is activated by pressing the Stone button on the controller (L1 on PlayStation 4 in this demo). They aren’t entirely game-breaking; the Time stone, for example, activates a quick dash and the Reality stone fires a slow homing projectile. Filling up the Stone meter, however, unleashes the extremely overpowered Infinity Storms and that’s where things get wild. The Space Stone’s Infinity Storm places the opponent in a box about 1/3 the size of the screen and confines the poor soul into that box, making them a sitting duck. The Reality Stone’s Storm gives every attack button a different elemental boost, including a beam of fire that shoots from off-screen. Filling the Stone Meter is admittedly more difficult than filling the Super Meter, but whoever gets that meter filled first could easily win the match with one Storm. Those may need to be toned down a bit.

The roster for this E3 demo featured 21 characters, 11 from Marvel and 10 from Capcom. Most of the playable characters returned from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, including Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li, Devil May Cry’s Dante, and Marvel’s Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. There were a few new faces, including Mega Man X, Ultron, and Captain Marvel, while Thanos skipped the previous games and returns from MvC2. Each character came equipped with their own unique moveset, including the flashy finishing moves that the series is known for, but no one really stuck out from the crowd in this early demo. Perhaps that’s because, despite the overhauled mechanics, so many of the choices played just like they did in the previous game. This is a problem Capcom might want to address before launch.

Marvel vs Capcom: infinite looks to be progressing smoothly in the leadup to its September 19 launch date. The battle system is familiar enough for veteran players to jump in quick but sports enough new wrinkles to give a new player the confidence to win immediately. There’s still some work to be done and some roster spots to fill, but right now Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looks like it could be a battle for the ages.

July 4, 2017 |

The Escapists 2 hands-on on directorygames


Back in February 2015, a small indie studio called Mouldy Toof released The Escapists, an 8-bit-inspired adventure all about hatching the perfect Shawshank Redemption-esque prison escape plan. The retro charm drew players in, but the incredibly deep strategy and addictive gameplay kept them going for hours on end. After a successful collaboration with The Walking Dead Mouldy Toof is back with The Escapists 2, returning to the prison break strategy format that put the studio on the map.

The first major addition to The Escapists 2 is a new multiplayer element, allowing players to drop in and drop out of a fellow prisoner’s game at will. Up to four players can team up in one game and try to hatch the perfect escape plan, either online or on the same console via split-screen multiplayer. Both private and public online lobbies will be available, giving one the choice of either gathering a group of friends to work on the escape together or trying to make a break for it with complete strangers. Switching between single-player and an online lobby is completely seamless, and no progress is lost by going online or signing off and playing alone. Breaking one character out of prison is challenging enough, but adding up to three more prisoners to the mix will prove quite a challenge to seasoned Escapists.  

The Escapists 2 hands-on on directorygames

With this gameplay upgrade comes a new graphics style, making the jump from 8-bit NES style graphics to the 16-bit Super Nintendo age. These updated visuals give the prisons even more life, showing guards and other prisoners performing their routine duties with even more attention to detail. These new graphics highlight the game’s new customization features, as every single prisoner and guard in the game can be changed to the player’s specifications. It’s not an in-depth customization suite, focusing on unique physical traits like hair and skin tone, but it’s still a cool feature that will give each player’s game a small slice of personality.

The prisons players will be escaping from are larger and more complex than ever, with players being immediately introduced to these new fortresses during a brand new introduction in each chapter. Rather than the game just starting immediately, the warden of the prison gives players a guided tour of their new digs, showing where every important room in the prison is located. This allows for a quick lay of the land that the previous Escapists never offered, immediately letting those in control start strategizing their epic escape. The map screens have been updated to accommodate these larger prisons, allowing for switching between floors and showing vents and underground tunnels as well.

While these new upgrades are welcomed, the core Escapists experience remains intact. Players will still be attending morning roll call, eating meals, exercising, and learning skills, though the methods of those last two items have changed. Gone are the slow alternating button presses of the previous game, replaced with a timing minigame that gives quicker bonuses for precisely timed button presses. Mouldy Toof says there are also more activities to find in prison this time around, although nothing new was shown during the demo.

The Escapists 2 hands-on on directorygames

Items still play a big role in The Escapists 2, with a successful prison break still needing players to collect items, craft items out of raw materials for trade, and learn the routines of the prison personnel in order to find the best route out. Some of those items and materials will be unique to certain prisons, meaning that players won’t be able to depend on some items to get them through multiple chapters of the game. It’s additions like this that show how The Escapists 2 is focusing on individual strategy rather than re-treading the same solutions over and over again.

Players have broken out of Mouldy Toof’s prisons before, but with The Escapists 2 the studio is doing its best to bring them back. Larger prisons to conquer, more options with which to conquer them, and the ability to tackle these challenges with up to three friends offer plenty of new elements to keep players going for a while. Escapees won’t have to wait long to go back to jail, as The Escapists 2 will be launching this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

July 4, 2017 |

directorygames – Monster Hunter World hands-on


The Sony E3 2017 Media Briefing did not feature as many shocking moments as previous years, but one reveal definitely dropped some jaws across the internet. Monster Hunter World will see Capcom’s long-running adventure franchise make its way to consoles and PC, bringing its hallmark hunting action with it while adding a few new elements. The extended demo shown on the E3 2017 show floor shed even more light on what’s to come, and there’s a lot for hunters to sink their teeth into.

The demo begins just as the Sony briefing trailer did, with a single hunter on a beach preparing to hunt. The full game promises full customization and the choice of male and female like previous games, but for this demo a male in preset armor serves as our hero. The map is sectioned off into zones, as Monster Hunter fans are no doubt familiar with, but Monster Hunter World removes the loading times between zones. This turns the map into one giant hunting playground instead of bite-sized chunks cordoned off behind loading screens, which is a major shift from previous games. Our hunter begins tracking his prey using both Scout Flies and fresh mucus left by his quarry, eventually leading him straight to it.

The journey to the monster is dotted with all kinds of flora and fauna, as these maps are teeming with all kinds of wildlife. At one point we see a giant buffalo-like creature minding its own business, only for a larger reptilian monster called the Great Jagras swallow it completely whole. Following the reptile leads us to a group of smaller Jagras, where the big beast regurgitates its meal for the smaller ones. Disturbing this would result in a major headache for the hunter. Time of day also plays a factor with the full day/night cycle during hunts, meaning that there could be any amount of new dangers that only come out at night. These worlds can be very hostile if given the chance, so careful hunting is the best way to go.

The hunter finally finds his target, the Tyrannosaurus-like Anjaneth from the trailer, and wakes it from its slumber. As the Anjaneth attacks the hunter lures it into an open space, creating a wall between him and it with some hanging vines and branches and hiding amongst the brush using the new Ghillie Mantle suit. Here the new destructible environment comes into play, as the Anjaneth eventually breaks through the barrier, sniffs out the hunter from the tall grass and charges right for him. It turns out that the open space the hunter found is also the nest of the feeding creatures from earlier, who are not happy with the invading Anjaneth and attack it themselves. The distraction gives the hunter time to plan another environmental strategy, this one a more offensive approach.

The hunter produces a Paralysis Knife using Monster Hunter World’s one-button radial wheel and sticks the Anjaneth in place while it’s distracted by the Great Jagras. He then walks up a small hill and aims an arrow at a group of vines along the ceiling. The arrow strikes the vines, which break and cause the giant boulders being held up to crash on top of the Anjaneth for massive damage. Every area in this new game has some kind of environmental element that can be used like this, so hunters will benefit from studying the surroundings while planning an attack.

Direct combat proceeds just as other Monster Hunter games have before, with fourteen different weapons like the Greatsword or the Heavy Bowgun available for hunting. Weapons can be changed at will by traveling back to camp, but that runs the risk of the player’s quarry having a chance to recover its health. Engaging the monster will once again require quick dodging and careful attacks, though a hunter can now grab onto a monster and score some extra strikes in a mechanic very similar to fellow Capcom series Dragon’s Dogma. Hunters can also now call in friends to help with bigger hunts via Monster Hunter World’s drop in/drop out multiplayer feature. Even in the most barren of worlds, a hunter is never alone in this new game.

Monster Hunter World looks like the most jam-packed game in the series yet, with a deeply strategic hunting system and worlds that are equally beautiful and dangerous. The hunter has plenty of tools both old and new at his disposal, giving players plenty of ways to take on every massive creature in the game. Monster Hunter World will unleash a whole new monstrous adventure on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.



July 4, 2017 |
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