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Path of exile 3.1 Duelist Champion Ancestral Warchief and Frost Blades Build

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The Champion is actually a defensive/support class which can act as a tank for their celebration by taunting enemies, buffing their allies with an aura, or Intimidate enemies to lessen their defenses. Also, they have access to passives that grant them offensive bonuses although they have Fortify and uniquely possess the ability to Fortify themselves permanently. The tree grants improved armor and evasion rating across the board to further bolster their survivability as well. Within this write-up Poecurrencybuy will share 3 Path of exile 3.1 Duelist Champion Ancestral Warchief and Frost Blades Build for you.

[Poe 3.1 – Ancestral Warchief] Lifting’s Uber Lab Pure Phys Warchief Totems

This build intends to make an affordable, practical and straightforward uber lab farmer. This Build can be a monkey maker build.
Refer towards the Path of Creating a link to find out which gear/gems you need to use now as an alternative. The video continues to be relevant even though since it explains a whole lot on the mechanics from the build and shows of some gameplay.

Pros :

– Newbie and new league “friendly” – the build is simple in design and style and execution.
– Budget-friendly. No uniques are required to begin off with this build. It is possible to obtain them as you earn them,
whilst just wearing uncommon gear alternatively.
– Effortless and rapidly to level.
– Very tanky.
– Permanent Fortify & Onslaught.
– High life regen, making labyrinth traps more comfortable to deal.
– Your totems can taunt, making bosses much less dangerous.
– Decent evident speed in even the high tier maps.
– Good for farming Uber lab, Atziri & Guardians. The shaper is doable too if you use the expensive version.
– You are able to play this build regardless of whether you play in the hardcore or softcore league.

Cons :

– Your totems will destroy themselves on physical reflect maps.
– Some people don’t enjoy the “totem playstyle.”


[Poe 3.1 – Frost Blades] Frosty Duelist – Dual Swords & Frost Blades

This Build started in legacy with dual varunstra. It worked fine but was expensive, and This Build decided this time to be more of a league starter and rebuilt it. This time This Build went with the right Scaeva, an incredibly undervalued sword. With three green sockets in the main hand, these are unbeatable for the price.
Frost blades are often used with the touch of anguish claws to give great evident speed but not so great against bosses. This Build wanted something with the excellent boss killing capacity so have gone with swords and focused on the melee portion of frost blades but there is also the option to cut down melee and boost projectiles.
This Build put pricing in at various stages to give a rough idea. This Build openly admits to bargain hunting 🙂 and the ‘total prices’ allow for selling my old gear.
Must only be one tree now, This Build’ve come up with about four variations that end up quite similar but mostly just the 3.0 no-Vaal pact tree and using a single point for Vaal Pact.
Without reflecting primeval force is optional. It’s not bad but uses 5 points which could easily be used elsewhere for a combination of other stuff like frenzy charges, more life, acuity / berserking, etc.
Ahn’s might has been given a buff and is better than the scaeva as long as there no frenzy charges. That means not using blood rage which makes it really slightly worse than scaeva + 1 Ahn’s but 2 of them are cheaper, and it’s not reliant on charges up


[Poe 3.1 – Infernal Blow] The Dancing Baron – The Baron/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/SRS Summoner

This build revolves around Duelist’s Champion Ascendancy Nodes focusing on stacking Strength to buff “The Dancing Dervish” in it’s manifested form and his Skulls as well as the 10 Zombies (eventually 11/12) which are acting as meatshields.

Why not Witch or Scion you ask? Well, because This build already made a Scion and a Witch with this unique already. This build also wanted to make a Duelist Summoner because of his “Inspirational” notable and other things to buff minion damage.

Pros :

+ Extremely fun to level because you can wear The Baron pretty early on which buffs your minions pretty nicely.
+ Fairly Inexpensive, I’m was 1K Strength atm and I may be invested 16 Chaos into it. The most expensive things were the 18% Alberon’s and the two 6% Str Brawn Jewels which cost around 3 C each which is explainable due to a particular person playing a Strength to stack build increasing those items prices a bit. But I’m broke, and I could do it so. You will need to invest 1 Ex for The Baron because it is right now. Else, stacking Str is affordable.
+ Non-ES items are much cheaper than ES ones which means you may cheaply stack stats.
+ Inherent tackiness due to Strength stacking.
+ A makeshift Decoy Totem through the Conqueror Notable.
+ 10+ Zombies at your command.
+ The satisfying visual of a really nice Cycloning Sword.

Cons :

– Strength stacking takes some effort, and I only reached 1K at level 73. You don’t have to enter 1K but to fully utilize The Baron, it is recommended.
– You lose defenses as you cannot wear a shield. You do have a Zombie horde and your weapon swap although as well as a makeshift Decoy Totem through the Conqueror Notable.
– If you fail to start a ra

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