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Path of exile Development Use two techniques Make Monster Density in Maps Much better


POE wanted to post this ahead of Thursday’s 3.1.0 expansion announcement, as it’s not specifically described in our advertising and marketing materials but is definitely an essential adjust.Now Will share the two approaches Make Monster Density in Maps Greater.

A lot of players expressed concern with monster density in three.0.0. poe have addressed this in 3.1.0 in two ways:

Firstly, instead of attempting to normalise the amount of total experience that every single map is worth, poe are now trying to normalise the total expertise per hour of operating that map. In an effort to do that, we’ve improved our designer tools drastically so that they have far more control more than the player knowledge in maps of distinctive sizes. poe have rebalanced every map in Path of Exile and performed comprehensive experience-per-hour testing. poe have worked on reducing how typically unlucky outcomes with low density can happen. There shouldn’t be any maps that feel underpopulated any longer.

Secondly, poe have rebalanced the map mods in order that just about every rollable mod now grants a pack size bonus. A random uncommon map in 3.1.0 has more monster density than one from 3.0.0. This also improves the rewards for running corrupted maps.

Together, these modifications need to address the community’s monster density concerns. As often, thank you for the feedback. poe look forward to speaking in more detail about this expansion on Thursday (Pacific Time).

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