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Warmane Guides: Uldir Raid and Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Boss Skills


The battle for Azeroth contains ten dungeons at launch, also because the Uldir raid which furthers the story in Nazmir. Every single beta/PTR cycle, Wowhead sets up a unique page listing the Encounter Journal abilities for those that are enthusiastic about brushing up on fights, testing encounters, and establishing options associated with the upcoming group content.

Our Battle for Azeroth Encounter Journal pages is now up! These will probably be updated each and everyone creates to reflect the latest loot, abilities, and boss descriptions from alpha/beta.

Uldir Raid Encounter Journal: Uldir was after a laboratory and quarantine facility because the Titans tried to analyze and fully grasp their ancient enemy, the Old Gods. It has since been shut down and sealed away for thousands of years. The bosses are Titan Keeper Hezrel, Red Queen, Fetid Devourer, Titan Discs, Blood of G’huun, G’huun and we’ll get a good dose of Titan and Old God themed skills here!

The battle for Azeroth Dungeon Encounter Journal: Ten dungeons are available at Battle for Azeroth’s launch. Each faction features a unique dungeon when leveling up (Atal’Dazar and Freehold), with all dungeons available to both sides at 120. Blizzard can also be designed far more dungeons using the Mythic+ technique in mind!

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